The first post

This is it. The first post. El posto primero. Yes, I just butchered the Spanish and Italian languages in one sentence, and you know what? I don’t really care… this is my mother fucking blog!

That’s right people, welcome to my blog. A blog without purpose. The Seinfeld of blogs if you will. My original intention was to create a lifestyle blog, discussing music, film, fashion, design, miscellaneous esoterica (no, I did not just write erotica…unless you want me to?), while also sprinkling in some pop-culture and political commentary along the way (nothing too serious, scout’s honor).

My wish is that you find this blog equal parts entertaining and informative. Wanna talk about mid-century modern furniture or the top 5 greatest Hitchcock films? Done. How about power-ranking each NBA team for the 2015-2016 season or what’s the best way to cook a porterhouse at home? We can talk about that too! The fact is, I’m not entirely sure where I’m gonna take this thing, but I promise to keep it fun, funny, and interesting the whole way. Buckle up, subscribe, stay tuned.



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